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The Relevance of Skill Acquisition in Our Present-day Society

by Greatjobnew

The Relevance Of Skill Acquisition In Our Present-day Society

The Relevance Of Skill Acquisition In Our Present-day Society: The word Skill might sound common from the pronunciation but it has a deep meaning. I always tell people around me that “It is not compulsory for everybody to have a skill but it is highly necessary for everybody to have it.” I have few questions to ask about skill.
1. What is Skill?
2. What is the importance of skill to our society?
3. What value do you place on skill?
Read carefully and get answers to the above questions.
It is possible to deny the truth but it is impossible to avoid or escape it. The knowledge I am about to share with you about skill and the importance of skill is not to discourage you but it is the reality of what is going on in this nation and if you carefully trailed on it, you will not regret it.

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The word education is the key to success was misunderstood or misinterpreted to Nigerians either by the colonial masters or by our parent, which prompts the majority of Nigerians to focus on academics and forget or keep their skill aside. This has sincerely affected both the country and her citizen because a lot of skilful or talented citizen, drop their skill for formal education not knowing that it can go side by side.
Most Nigerians prefer to drop, forget or trade their skill for classroom education due to laziness or selfish reasons. Some of the reasons are that they want or wish to work in an oil company to earn fat salaries or for the government just to sit in an office doing nothing or not even going to the office and get paid at the end of the month. This mentality or attitude has made this country to be among the top country with unemployed graduate. There is no doubt that education is the key to success but classroom or formal education is supposed to aid you to improve on your skill or talent not to kill it.


Many students taught their grades will speak for them when they graduated. But they are not fair to themselves because the question they should have to ask themselves is;
1. What happens to other graduates with good grades without employment?
2. Are they not fortunate to get jobs with their good grades?
3. Didn’t they pray to God or did God refuse to answer their prayers because they are sinners?
These and many more questions students should always ask themselves before they graduated from Higher Institution.
The very day most students graduated from the higher institution, they will be very happy jumping and dancing from one place to another; singing different types of a song like, “four years don waka, we still dey carry go, nobody waka; nobody goes solo, baba God o…” not knowing that it is the beginning of the reality of life.
Many of the students proceed to their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) where they get to know or understand the second face of life. Upon finishing, they will be welcomed to the “labour market”


The word labour market is commonly used by outgoing NYSC members and unemployed graduates. Originally, after a student graduated from the higher institution or after they finished their NYSC, they are supposed to have different types of jobs waiting for them both at Federal, State and Private sector. Then it’s left for the individual to make their choice but Nigeria of today, the number of graduates we have is more than the jobs present yet people are still going to school and more people graduate yearly, which is really affecting the country.
The moment people finish there NYSC as a religious country that we are, we change it from welcome to labour market and tell them “welcome to favour market” because we know that there are lots of graduates out there with good grades going about with their certificates looking for work, which means there is no work. Instead of us looking for solutions to the problem of unemployment, we turned it to a prayer point; moving from one prayer house to the other. Some persons even pray against their relatives calling them all sort of names like witch, wizard, and lots more thinking they are the obstacle behind their progress.


It is no doubt that education is the key to success. But your skill is what you either get from home, friends, or what you learn through an internship. It is also known as education but informal education. Don’t make a mistake by dropping it for formal education. They both can go side by side especially as a youth seeking admission, the time you spent at home, seeking admission can be used to acquire a skill pending when you get admitted into a tertiary institution. Remember no knowledge is a waste; your skill cannot be a waste rather, it will help you to get passive income that can be used to buy lecture materials or serve as pocket money.

COVID’ 19:

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in the year 2019, did a lot of harm not only to a country but to the whole world suffers from the pandemic. Many workplaces including the marketplace, factories, offices, were shut down. This affects the economy of many nations including Nigeria as it was put on hold. As a result of this pandemic, many companies and individuals lost a lot of money which make some companies sack their workers because they could not afford to pay them again. Despite the harm, the world suffers from the pandemic and all the complaints got by companies and individual, some persons still make good money as profit while few persons among those that lost their jobs got motivated and start their own little business. Also, some of the unemployed graduate roaming about with their certificates looking for jobs were able to rethink and start their own little business and today, they are happy.


The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, brought about what I tagged: “New Nigeria” because in the Nigeria of today, only your academic certificate does not count but your academic certificate, added to your skill count. We have moved from the era I tagged “The Old Nigeria” the era whereby a student that graduated from University or Polytechnic as an Engineer cannot properly handle a screwdriver or cannot lose a bot. The Companies or NGO’s in Old Nigeria understood this and took it upon themselves to send their newly employed staff to oversee workshop or training. But the Companies or NGO’s we have in the “New Nigeria” want to minimize cost. Rather, they choose graduates with skill above graduate without the skill to lessen their expenses of sponsoring the newly employed staff for training.


Your skill is an added advantage to your academic certificate; don’t gamble with it. Guide it diligently and use it to minimize the rate of unemployment and for those that have no skill, try to learn one. Age is not a barrier to learning and doesn’t put money first because putting money first might deprive or discourage you along the line especially when the money is not forthcoming. In my years of counselling, when it comes to skill acquisition, I always tell people to go for the one they have passion for not the one a friend or relative choose for them because passion will make you learn fast and improve which will, in turn, generate good income. But if you put money first and the money is not forthcoming, it will be difficult for you to improve and from there you will get disappointed. To crown it all, formal education and informal education need each other to survive.

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