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How To  Start And Succeed In Your Business- 6 Strategic  Tips

by Greatjobnew


How To  Start And Succeed In Your Business- 6 Strategic  Tips

How To  Start And Succeed In Your Business: Everyone wants to experience success in their business because no one wants to invest in any venture and fail. Success doesn’t just come but by hard work and dedication success can be attained, success transcends being hardworking and dedicated but you must have a vision and be passionate in whatever you are doing.

We have seen it: the inspiring story of someone who felt lost in his business and found success thereafter. General George S.Patton said “wars may be fought by weapons but they are won by men. It is the spirit of the man who follow and the man who leads that gain victory. It is unfortunate when people give up on their business so easily when they experience a loss at the start of their business.

Success in business doesn’t come as easy and fast as we think but success or failure in business is caused by our mental attitude than by mental capacity. As a businessman, you have to create and develop your business environment with the right mental, emotional and physical attitude.

Especially in today’s age, online business is trending, if you understand how to start a business online can make you a millionaire, the business may not earn you millions as soon as you started, you never know where it might lead you.

We have an instance of Bill Gate who was out of school and eventually discover Microsoft, today it a different story. Also, take, for example, Ben Simkin. He was a school dropout also at age 26 for hacking the school computer systems. As a self-thought programmer, he started his company at age 20. At age 24 he was able to sell that same company for seven figures. Presently he is the founder of the marketing company business. Which earn $2 billion in sales yearly.

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Before you start your own business

Before you get started, you have to set up strategies and figure out the kind of product or service you want to sell. Reason being that you have several other interests o and you are not sure which one is more profitable.

As a businessman, you must adopt a researcher mindset to be successful in your business. Most successful businesses fall into one of these categories: e-commerce; information content creation, personal service firm, manufacturing, real estate, professional service, and creative businesses. If any of your interests fall into any of these categories, that is a good place to start.

How to start your own business

1.Decide On A Platform:

To start with, how will you sell your product? You can consider creating your own website or creating a Shopify store. You may also consider a third-party platform, some people find success selling in a third-party platform, like Upwork services, Etsy for products, etc. these are the consideration you have to give a second thought before coming to conclusion, if you choose the latter, be sure of their charges and carry out a research on what fees and percentages of sales these platform takes from your business. This might be a great place to start your business.

2.Source And Test Your Product:

Two things are paramount in any business venture, either you are the main source of the product; that is making it yourself, or a supply from another source. If the supply of your product is from another source you have to ensure that there is constant and steady supplies and you don’t run into any shortages or delivery issues.

If you are making your order or source from somewhere ensure you order a few to test for yourself, friends and family this could help to get feedback on the product, you can also get reviews from them to list on your website as social proof.

3.Create A Marketing Strategy

The market is competitive, so have to set up strong marketing strategies for you to undo your competitors, you need critical research into the market to know what your competitors are doing or not doing well and improve on it.

You have to be unique and outstanding, which means you will need to have a plan in place for building an email list and an email marketing strategy. Creating a social media presence will help you gain organic traffic and also paid ads can also help drive traffic when done properly. Keyword research is also effective for your own website, make sure you do keyword research and make use of SEO to help people find you.

4.Develop Your Branding And Website:

If the appropriate steps for your, marketing are being taken strategically implemented and achieved, once you get that traffic to your website or your social media accounts, you need to make sure you are consistent with your brand. The culture of business consistency and discipline must be cultivated to succeed.

The layout of your site design and the content must be attractive because that is one major factor to determine site traffic; 38 percent of people will stop engaging with a website if they observe the content is unattractive. More so, 75 percent of shoppers say they make judgments about brands’ credibility base on website design.

User experience is credibly important to build trust with your customer, for this very reason it is you have to take your time to develop your branding and website.

If you create your own website. Before you launch, ensure you go through your website and test the response of the pages, buttons, links, and action. Check every process to fix any issues before your customer experiences them.

 5.Set Goals And Do The Administrative Work:

Success can is unattainable without goal setting, goal setting is important to your success. It is prudent to set both the product and financial goals of your business. Have a sales target, how much do you expect to earn in the first six months?

You have to do brake down your target into your expected goal; how much you need to make in sales monthly, weekly and daily. Track down your progress so you can identify what is working and what is not working so you can easily analyze what needs to be adjusted.

You should endeavor to set goals for your product and services as well, on how can you improve and what technique do you need to apply for improving your product or service.

Goal setting is important but most importantly, you should have a business plan. Create a mission statement, do market and competitor analysis. Other administrative functions have functions that come with business- you should take into consideration if you want a partnership or a sole proprietor,

The registration of your business and another tax requirement.

 6.Get started With Your Business:

“I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which one has overcome while trying to succeed”  By Booker T Washington.

Too many people get stuck in the research phase, while all the steps discussed above are all as important. your brand doesn’t have to be right to get started, You have to get moving no matter the challenges but you must look forward because there is always a solution.

You will learn to adjust and grow as you go, don’t get stuck with perfection because you don’t need to be perfect to start or have all you need to get started.

Just like what you are doing, you never achieve real success unless you like what you are doing. Starting a business is scary but sometimes the thin that scare is worthwhile.  You never can create a million-dollar if you don’t start, in the middle of difficulty lies opportunities.

So do your research and create your plan, but never let perfection get in the way of starting because our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.


Hope this helps, See you at the top.

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