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How to Market Your Business Online To Gain an Advantage  

by Greatjobnew


 How to Market Your Business Online To Gain an Advantage: Digital marketing is a trend of marketing that is gradually retiring the traditional marketing. It can be seen as activities aimed at promoting a particular brand by leveraging on the internet platforms such as social media, websites, search engines and the likes. Relevant to these activities are certain concepts and strategies engaged in digital marketing. This work explains these concepts as noted below.

  1. Content marketing
  2. Email marketing
  3. Digital advertising
  4. Community management
  5. Social media marketing
  6. Copy writing
  7. Search marketing

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is an approach to marketing that is done by a consistent creation and distribution of important information about products or services to a targeted audience with a goal of prompting prospects to take favourable and profitable actions toward the products or services. This information can be in form of text, video, audio and graphics. It is usually circulated through the platforms of social media such as whatsApp, face book, twitter, linkedin and lots more. Also, the information can be circulated via a blog, a website and through email.

 Email marketing

Electronic mailing system involves sending electronic messages to individual recipients vial the instrumentality of the internet. It is an effective marketing strategy which involves sending messages to prospects about products availability, product updates, new trends and promos on product and services. Usually such emails are sent to customers and prospects who are already on the marketer’s email list.

 Digital advertising

Digital advertising encapsulates the procedure of sending out informative, educative and promotional information about your product and services via internet platforms such websites, social media (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc), search engines and other available internet based platforms. The aim of this act is to promote a company’s product and services.

Community management

Community management has to do with the management of your audience after you would have created awareness about your products and services and probably have engaged with the prospects. The process involves listening to and engaging in an interaction with prospects about the product or service.  The management usually is done on the internet platform where reactions were generated in response to the brand advertised.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing involves the creation content about a brand and the distribution of that content through the social media platforms with the intention of creating awareness, increasing sales and/or generating traffic on the website.  These platforms include LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. The activities that encapsulate social media marketing could also include gathering prospects opinions, engaging and paying attention to activities of subscribers or followers.

Copy writing

Copywriting is an activity of writing persuasively about a particular brand in such a way that it suites the targeted audience life style, thereby creating a voice for that brand and triggering the audience emotion in a way that the individuals take favourable and profitable actions toward the brand. In essence, copywriting involves writing to convince your audience to buy your product or service which could be in form of a firm taglines, advertisement, web pages or white papers.


Search marketing

Search Marketing is one of medium or strategy of internet marketing that involves increasing the visibility of a particular website, brand or a service on the search engine. Examples of search engine include Bing, Google, Yahoo etc. This strategy is otherwise called Search Engine marketing. This activity could be actualized through paid and non-paid processes.

In conclusion, effective usage of the seven points listed above gives you more leads and help you to be a step ahead of your competitors. The earlier you start making use of the above points, the earlier you start making more money.

Do this and thank me later!

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