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How to increase reading speed

How to Increase Reading Speed With Methods

by Greatjobnew

Learning how to increase reading speed is a very important skill to master.

Learning how to increase reading speed is a very important skill to master: Your ability to read will play a large role in how successful you are at almost every task you perform.

Having poor reading skills can affect nearly every aspect of your life from paying bills to attending college.

Learning how to increase reading speed can improve many aspects of your life.

Not only will this help you be more successful in your studies, but also increase the enjoyment of the things you do.

You can enjoy literature a lot more if you have a basic understanding of how the written word is read.

As a matter of fact, this skill is the most important one to master since it is impossible to learn how to become an expert in anything without understanding how the concept is put together.

This means that no matter how much you read and how quickly you can read it; it’s still impossible to fully understand everything you read.

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This is why knowing how to increase reading speed is extremely important.

When you learn how to increase reading speed, both comprehension and speed, you can read at no loss to yourself.

This is an extremely important point to remember because you don’t want to just increase your reading speed, but not have the content you read make a real impression on people.

A large part of the ability to be successful at anything is the ability to make a good first impression, and this means you must make sure that you start out on the right foot by taking the proper steps to increase your skills.

Fortunately, learning how to improve reading skills can be accomplished quite easily.

Here is a list of how to increase reading speed, comprehension, and understanding.

1. Create a new habit

You must create a new habit to increase reading speed.

In order to increase reading speed, you must begin the process by making a vow to yourself that you will start reading faster.

The vow should be a positive affirmation that will motivate you.

The first step in this process is to identify the problem areas that are limiting your speed.

Once you have identified the problems, you can begin to devise a plan to conquer those weaknesses.

2. Avoid any distractions

The next step in the 9-step process to increase speed reading is to train your eyes to read faster.

One way you can improve your eyesight is to wear glasses or contact lenses that reduce glare.

Also, get rid of all other distractions around you. If you tend to leave books, magazines, or newspapers lying around on your desk, you should get rid of them.

Allowing yourself to focus on something else will increase your rate of reading.

improve on your reading skills

3. Make use of a handheld device

Another method for improving your vision is to use a handheld device such as a finger reader or a sub-eye diaphragm reader.

You can also purchase software available for computers and phones that will allow you to increase your speed while reading.

These types of tools will help to train your eyes to move faster by having the reader move their eyes up and down the page.

By training your eyes this way, it becomes easier to move from word to word and to focus on the text.

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4. Read along from paragraph to paragraph

One final suggestion to help you learn how to increase your speed reading is to make sure you move your eyes up and down the page each time you turn the page.

It sounds simple but many people don’t move their eyes up and down in each page turn.

The human eye is not designed to scan multiple pages at one time. The movement created by your eyes should be small and quick.

Each time you turn the page, move your eyes up an inch and then another half inch.

As your eyes get used to scanning the page, you will find that your rate of reading will increase.

5. Practice different techniques

One of the processes to increase speed reading is to practice each technique several times before you begin a real book or article.

Practice makes perfect and you will become a faster reader the more you read.

Use your favorite guide or typing tool and type an article or book you are about to read into the blank with just as many words as you have previously written.

6. Scan through contents with your eyes

Your eyes will be tested as you read but the purpose of this exercise is to get your eyes used to scan information at a faster rate.

As you increase in speed, your eyes will be trained to scan information at a greater rate and be more efficient in doing so.

With this improved ability, you will be able to do more work in less time and have more time available for enjoying reading.

Your speed reading will improve tremendously as you continue to practice each of the steps towards increased speed reading.

7. Develop or try new methods

By following the proper training techniques, you can develop a new habit of reading faster that will serve you well over the long term.

You can develop this new habit while slowing down your current rate.

You can begin the process of converting your current reading pace into the ultimate speed reading by using one of these methods for just 10 minutes a day.

You can continue to work toward increasing your speed as you become accustomed to the new habit.

With a little practice over time, you can expect to double or even triple the number of words you are reading in a typical hour.

8. Get rid of bad reading habits

One of the first things you need to do is get rid of the bad habits you have with reading.

Most people have a tendency to slow down when they hear a new word or are given a new term, and this is generally done by slowing down the rate that their eyes move across the text.

It may seem like a small thing, but slowing down the rate of reading is incredibly detrimental to your speed development.

9. Slowdown in some ways

Another common method used to slow down the reading is to cover up the line that you’ve just read with your hand or fingers.

Although you’re trying to get the information from the text, this habit will actually end up hindering your speed development instead of helping you.

10. Don’t lose focus

As you continue to learn how to increase reading speed, you’ll need to focus on the motion of your eyes.

Don’t ever let go of the text in your hands as you read; you have to keep your eyes moving from one word to the next.

You may be able to hold a particular word in your eyes for a short period of time, but keep track of how long your eyes move from word to word.

This will help you determine which areas of the text you concentrate on and which you skip.

11. Think in pictures

This same principle applies to reading written material. You have to learn to look at the words as images in your mind rather than merely as text on a page.

Instead of looking at the words as blocks on a screen, you need to view them as images in your head.

Your eyes need to follow the motion created by the words as you move through the text, and the eye-tracking process cannot be ignored.

You can begin this process by watching any movie that has excellent special effects and slow-mo scenes that keep your attention.

12. Read for a longer time

When you read faster, you’ll find that you eliminate the fixation errors and you also have a better chance of eliminating the reading mistakes such as skip backs.

Each time you have to read a text, look at it for a longer period of time.

Do this so that your eyes will remain in the fixation position for the entire duration of the reading.

To begin the process, look at your text or movie two or three times, taking time to focus on each line and on every single letter or stroke of the word.


13. Practice breathing process

Your eyes will then need to follow the motion. When you read using the correct technique, the eyes will stay in constant motion.

As you begin to learn how to increase reading speed, you can begin to vary the speed of your eyes as well as the speed of the words.

This will take some practice, but if you keep at it you will soon find that your eyes move faster, stopping and starting more frequently, while your comprehension remains constant.

When you are learning how to increase reading speed, you should also begin practicing breathing exercises, which will help the circulation within the body.

Increased blood flow is beneficial to all areas of the body but particularly is beneficial to the eyes.




Now that you have successfully learned how to increase your reading speed. It’s time to keep improving with the above steps.

These steps need your attention, follow them thoroughly and improvise.

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