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How To Improve Employee Performance

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How To Improve Employee Performance

How To Improve Employee Performance: The efficiency and productivity of an organization are actualized by the performance of its employees. This implies that the HR of an organization must ensure hiring or employing competent employees into the organization and also ensure that employees that are not competent enough to carry out assigned responsibilities be trained to improve on their performance.
Employers usually measure the performance of their employees to keep the productivity and profitability of the company on track, this can be flexible or rigid for the employers and most companies have a review process of measuring the performance of their employees throughout the year.
Companies often have a culture of having meetings within the management team to analyze the employees and give them numeric rating base on their performance for their jobs. The employees may get a rise or increase in salaries. Rating and review do matter in the event of lay off.
Having passionate and enthusiastic employees is the aim of every employer, it is very important that every employer understands the reasons behind employee’s actions and using the result to motivate employees and improve employee’s performance.
Employers and business owners have tried various measures to ensure employees’ efficient performance, some tips for employee’s performance could be seen as narrated.

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the incentive has a positive impact on employee performance and morale, it increases the employee’s performance and boosts the value that people apply to their work goals. The overall growth of the organization is positively impacted by the incentive program given to the employees.
An organization that embraces an incentive program can achieve its goal within a short time with less monitoring or supervision of staff performance because an incentive act as an organizational catalyst that motivates the employees to carry out their duties responsively.
Managers need to understand employees needs but most importantly should make incentive that relates to the benefit of the company( higher sales volume, higher net profit, etc.) for example, any staff with the highest sale for the month will be given 25% increase in salary.
The incentive that will stir up positive competition among staff does not cost the company because it pays for itself and it brings about the highest measurable success and increases company value and income.

Have Open Lines Of Communication:

What motivates employees to perform exceptionally is beyond money that keeps them motivated but appropriate attention to employees and listening hears to their suggestions and opinion.
Just like teachers will give priority to their students, a doctor will listen to his patient so also an employer needs to listen to his employees, this is a great method to find information that an employer will otherwise not have known.
Accepting the creative and constructive ideas and opinion of your employees help figure out what they want and make a decision based on what you gathered from them. Following what you have learned will do a great deal of improved change in the organization and also motivate employees to be committed to the growth of the business or company.
Listening to an employee is a basic need for an employer to adopt in other to generate the expected performance of an employee. Most managers have failed and not actualize or achieve the desired goal because they do not assume a leadership mentality to listen and work with their employees.

Have A Clear Job Description:

The performance of employees can be achieved if there is a clear job description, every employee must know his or her role in achieving a set goal.
Where the job of every employee is defined, it set in a clear direction of the organization and everyone is will be working to achieve a common goal. There will be less friction of responsibility and it creates a conducive working environment for the employee which in turn improve their performance.
With a clear job description, an organization can introduce a sales target. For example. Each sales rep or an account executive can be given a sales revenue goal, and then a stretched goal.
If they are able to meet the expected goal, the organization can motivate them with a commission for their performance and if they also hit the stretch goal an additional bonus or incentive can be added. It could be a cash bonus or a trip etc.
When there is a clear job description and a reward attached to the expected target, people are more likely to get their work done and even better.

Staff Training:

Employees’ productivity can be enhanced when they are trained for the job to improve their skills, it motivates the employee to put in their best and be creative. Thereby causing the employees to commit to the predefined goals and achieve them quickly.
Employer interest in the career development of employees motivates staff performance. Constructive performance feedback should be imbibed in the organizational system to identify areas of improvement and guide on how to improve.
It is important to pay attention to performances and proffer solutions, do no criticize low performance instead provide guidance and instruct on ways to improve skill.

Recognize good performance:

Employee’s performance improves when they seem to be recognized and appreciated. When your employee did a great job, it is good you recognize the work well done, whether it is a simple job but is done perfectly. The recognition could be in the form of social recognition in an encouraging post or in monetary rewards for achieving goals.
Recognize and acknowledge the efforts of each team member. Continuous recognition is the best to keep team members motivated at all times. Sometimes, a Thank You note or a smile makes a huge difference.
All employees will be more motivated if they truly feel like they can make an impact on your company’s performance. If they can actually see how their performance is being recognized, they will go that extra mile.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Improving your employee performance requires having a close relationship with your staff or employee and being attentive to know what is required from your conversation with your employees.
Accepting their opinion motivate them and make them feel belong in the growth of the company or business,
As discussed, Incentives help align employee’s efforts towards the business goals that have been set for them. The employee feels motivated to achieve the goals, knowing what is in store for them once the goals are achieved.
There are several ways in which managers can motivate their employees. Managers need to understand employees’ needs and expectations, create a work environment that fosters motivation.































































































































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