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Talent/ Skills In Demand In Nigeria, and How To Acquire And Apply It

by Greatjobnew

  Talent/ Skills In Demand In Nigeria, and How To Acquire And Apply It

Talent/ Skills In Demand In Nigeria, and How To Acquire And Apply It: The educational system in Nigeria is basically focused more on the theoretical aspect than the practical. With the present challenge facing the country with a high level of unemployment. The theoretical aspect doesn’t really teach kids skills that are valuable to earn a decent living.

That is why we have many unemployed graduates in Nigeria because of the dependence on a white-collar job due to lack of skills and talent which is not learned or impacted from school due to the educational system that is based on theory.

Most graduates after their NYSC (a compulsory national service year for young Nigerian graduates) end up not being engaged in any job since they lack skills to be self-employed and be an entrepreneur.

Learning or acquiring any productive skill that can earn you a living and be self-dependent and relevant to society is of great advantage that gives you stability in an economic depression.

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 Drawing from our above point of view, here’s a list of skills/ talents that are in demand in Nigeria.

Medical Skills:

Nigeria is one of the most populated countries In the world, the population does not correspond with the number of qualified medical personnel. (doctor, nurse, and other medical professionals) catering for the Nigerian’s large population.

It simply implies that more medical practitioners need to meet the medical attention of the growing population. The field of the medical profession as a skill gives you the security in terms of job because they are in high demand since few students pick interest in the skill or profession because it is highly demanding.

The large population in Nigeria means that a lot of people lack quality health care services. With this more people with medical skills will be valuable in Nigeria.

ICT Skills:

the world has presently gone digital, we are in the world of the internet and computer edge, the demand in the present edge requires one to be computer literate, there is hardly an organization you will be employed that the demand for computer literacy will not be expected of you.

More so, many young Nigeria is contented with having a basic and mediocre knowledge of ICT, they know just how to type on a computer, use their computer to watch movies, and also for social media, that is all.

There is a lot of skills that can be learned on a computer that can add value to your life and make you valuable to your society. You can learn skills such as graphic design, programming, cybersecurity, video editing, web development, networking, computer engineering, etc these are lucrative and valuable skills that are in high demand at the moment in Nigeria.

Copywriting :

Many organizations in Nigerian are going online in this present age of internet technology. They have websites where they make themselves visible to the world for business.

Being a content writer or copywriter you can create relevant and original content for other people website to generate traffic, if you have this skill or can grow yourself in this area you will of value and of high demand because of the increased awareness in internet marketing,

The content creator is the key to drive traffic, increased traffic equals more publicity, and more publicity equals more sales.

Construction Skills:

the population of Nigeria is on the increase with inadequate housing facilities to accommodate the growing population. Nigeria suffers a 40million housing deficit so anybody with skills that are relevant to the construction industry can earn a decent living due to the high demand for such skilled labor.

This skill includes architecture, painting, electric wiring, plumbing, iron-bending screeding, tilling, bricklaying/masonry, and the supply of basic building materials, like sand and stone, which can earn anyone a decent living.

Mechanical Skills:

The economic situation in the country is on the decline with bad roads and an unstable power supply. It, therefore, means that there will be a lot of vehicles having mechanical problems due to bad roads and more generators will be in use that will also need a mechanic to fix since there will be a need for regular servicing and repair.

If you equip yourself with mechanical skills you will be of value to yourself and the society at large due to the high demand for repairs for faulty cars and generators across the country.

Common Sense:

This one is largely overlooked but it’s a skill in disguise. There is the common saying that “common sense is not common” there are much within you and without to explore when you look within yourself and your environment an idea can spring up on what you can offer of which is lacking in the country which could be a solution.

Successful people are people who could provide solutions to their environment and met the need of humanity. It is not everything you can learn from school. Education has limits because it can open up your mental reasoning but you need common sense to apply your ideas.

Every day you need good thoughts to live and remember you get what you order in life. So having common sense in Nigeria automatically puts you at an advantage over a large group of people, thereby creating a demand for your opinion or services.

Good Sense Of Leadership:

Nigeria has a delinquent of good leadership which is the major challenge facing the country to overcome the present challenge confronting her.

Having a sense of leadership means responsibility and having the interest of others first rather than your interest but considering those who voted you into the office once you get into power.

Before a person can achieve the kind life he wants he must think, act, walk, talk and conduct himself in all of his affairs as would the person he wishes to become according to a notable inspirational speaker by Zig Ziglar. If you can act and practically live a good leadership quality in your pursuit, Nigerians will be seeking after personalities of your type to lead them and liberate them from corruption and a depressed economy.

Good leadership skills have been demonstrated in the private sector that is why we have success stories Dangote group Revolutionizing the manufacturing industry and Hebart Owigwe and the likes transforming the banking industry.

If better leaders are in place in Nigeria, these leaders will appoint people to public office base on their skills and abilities rather than by loyalty and political dispositions. This simply implies that a good sense of leadership is in high demand in Nigeria (in the public sector at least).

  Connection Skills :

have you ever needed something and didn’t know who to call? Since I met my friend James, I learned the value of this skill and developed it myself, people with connection skills can solve many of your problems and if they can’t – they know someone who can and usually have this person’s phone number and know the person on a first-name basis, helping you get quality products or services at competitive prices and in a timely manner.

Has your generator broken down in the middle of the night and you needed somebody to fix it? Your car refuses to start in the middle of nowhere and you need a mechanic? You get in trouble with law enforcement and need someone to bail you?

You’re new in town and looking for the best places relax and chill? Need a pound of the best kush in town? Just scored a procurement contract and need a merchant to deliver?

Need a companion to Netflix & chill? – the list goes on and on, there’s a skill somebody somewhere has and you don’t realize you need it until you find yourself in certain situations and that’s where the “connector”, “middle man” or my friend comes in.


Parenting Skills:

Nigeria could use better parents, learning begins at home and if more parents are able to recognize their children’s talents and hone them from a very young age then we’d have more productive adults/outliers who add value to society


I hope you enjoyed reading this, please follow me and write any skills you think are in high demand in Nigeria in the comments section. Cheers.


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